Bihar received the majority of workers through Shramik Specials, West Bengal the least: Facts

NEW DELHI: has received the maximum number of migrant workers through specials trains So far and at least, the data accessed by the PTI show, with officials indicating that the latter was stagnating the movement of its stranded workers in other states.

Deputy and party leader in Rajya Sabha, Derek O'Brien said the West Bengal government was doing everything necessary and accused the Center of playing politics.

The data shows that most migrant labourers have moved from Gujarat to their home states in about 35 Shramik Special trains so far, followed by Kerala from where 13 such trains have left.

Each train has a maximum capacity of about 1,200 passengers. So far, the railways has run 67 such trains carrying 67,000 migrant labourers to their home states.

Among the receiving states, Bihar has accepted 13 trains , with 11 more currently on the journey and six in the pipeline, the data shows.

Neighbouring Uttar Pradesh has received 10 such trains and five more trains are on their way and 12 are in the pipeline, the data shows.

The West Bengal government has, however, given clearance to only two trains - one each from Rajasthan and Kerala - and they are on their journeys to the state, the data shows.

A senior official said, "While other states which have their migrant workers in other parts of the country are accepting their labourers, West Bengal is stalling. Two trains from Thane to Shalimar and another from Bangalore to Howrah which were supposed to run today did not get clearance from the state despite both the originating state governments trying to push for it.

"Rajasthan has also been slow in accepting with just three trains ferrying its workers back to the state, which are currently on their way," the official said.

TMC deputy and party leader in Rajya Sabha, Derek O'Brien accused the Center of playing politics.

States, including Bengal, are going everywhere - fighting the crown. Unfortunately, the central government is doing its best - fighting and bad-mouthing non-BJP states using their different ministries.

The states are the executing authorities. We are all doing everything necessary. This is not the time for politics. Or we may also ask: why was a 21-day closure announced four hours in advance? I ask.

According to 2011 census figures, West Bengal ranks fourth among the states from where people migrate for work and employment.

Between 2001 and 2011, almost 5.8 lakh people emigrated from the state in search of work, which is less than Uttar Pradesh (37.3 lakh), Bihar (22.6 lakh) and Rajasthan (6.6 lakh).

The railway data shows that Jharkhand accepted four trains , while five trains are on their way to the state. Two more Shramik Special trains are in the pipeline.

Odisha received seven trains and five are on their way to the state with one more in the pipeline, the data shows.