Intensify security at origin stations for Shramik Specials: Ministry of Railways

NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Railways has directed all areas to step up at stations to protect all personnel from where they are starting. He has instructed that security must have close coordination with intelligence agencies to avoid any sectarian dispute between them.

In its detailed publication to operate these special trains, the ministry has said: Close interaction will be maintained with intelligence agencies to determine any possibility of a sectarian dispute or group conflict between passengers. In case of information on such possibility, adequate precautions can be taken such as a greater presence of security personnel at the origin, on the route and in the destinations. The guidelines were issued on Monday.

While most of the guidelines are generic in nature, there is a special focus on security aspects. Considering the high possibility that large numbers of distressed passengers will arrive at the railway stations from where the trains run and to avoid any adverse incident, the guidelines say the areas should increase the presence of security personnel and may even hire ex-military, domestic guards and private security guards.

There have been some reports of stranded migrants turning rebellious while demanding that authorities allow them to return to their homes.

The guidelines of the railway ministry say that adequate security personnel should be deployed for the protection of the station authorities.

According to the circular, security personnel deployed on trains will also monitor passenger behavior and identified rioters must separate from the group. In the event of increased hostility, the state police can be reported to intervene as soon as possible, according to the guidelines.

The guidelines also specify that one Shramik special train should not be given priority over another and that crossings and priority should be arranged in such a way that two special stranded passenger trains do not normally stop simultaneously at any station.

All areas have to maintain isolation beds in hospitals for staff and passengers to use in case of demands. They have also been instructed not to deploy personnel on the train that is over 50 years old.