Jodhpur police help woman give birth after her vehicle breaks down

JAIPUR: A team of police from Jodhpur (west) came to the rescue of a pregnant woman in labor after the SUV she was traveling in broke near a barricade. The police team arranged medical assistance and the woman gave birth to a girl in the SUV. The mother and baby were then admitted to the nearby hospital.

Police said the car broke down near the barricade around 7:30 p.m. We saw a woman in the car who was pregnant and screaming in pain, Preeti Chandra, deputy police commissioner (West) told TOI.

Preeti and his police officers covered the woman and the area where the vehicle was parked. I asked my men to bring a doctor or a nurse. However, the woman's labor process began and the baby was coming out. The woman gave birth to a girl boy and finally we could arrange a para medical staff and ambulance. She was taken to the hospital with the boy to complete other medical intervention,” Preeti added.

The team of police stayed with the family of Nainu Kanwar until the doctors said things were under control and okay. “We too were nervous as it was race against time. Thankfully the mother and boy are fine,” she added.

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