White House adviser expects US unemployment rate for April to be 'north of 16%'

WASHINGTON: On Tuesday, the White House economic adviser said he hopes the United States unemployment The rate was over 16% in April, when the coronavirus pandemic began to devastate the country's economy.

"My guess right now is it's going to be north of 16%, maybe as high as 20%," Hassett said in an interview with CNN about the unemployment the federal government will report on Friday. "So we are looking at probably the worst unemployment rate since the Great Depression. It's a tremendous negative shock, a very, very terrible shock."

Economists polled by Reuters forecast the official government report to show last month's unemployment rate was 16% and that more than 20 million jobs were lost. But economists at the Chicago Federal Reserve Bank They estimate that the real rate could be between 25.1% and 34.6%.

Hassett dijo que inicialmente esperaba que la tasa alcanzara el 20% en junio, pero después de que 30 millones de personas solicitaron beneficios por unemployment el mes pasado, comenzó a anticipar una tasa más alta en abril.