Government extends consular services to stranded foreigners

NEW DELHI: The Government of India announced on Tuesday the extension of the granting of consular services to all stranded foreign citizens in India due, for a period of up to 30 days from the date of lifting the air travel ban international passengers.

It also decided that all existing visas granted to foreigners, except those belonging to diplomatic, official, United Nations/international categories, employment categories and projects, will remain suspended until the Government of India lifts the ban on international air travel. of passengers from/to India. .

The Home Office, in a memorandum from the office issued on Tuesday, said that in light of the extension of the closure until May 17, the office of Regional Foreign Registry Officers (FRRO) had decided to extend the benefit period. Consular Services/Foreigners Registration Officers (FRO) to foreign citizens who have been stranded in India due to the spread in many parts of the world and also due to travel restrictions imposed by Indian authorities.

“Stipulation of regular visa, electronic visa or stay, of said foreign citizens whose visas have expired or would expire during the period between 01.02.2020 (midnight) until the date on which the prohibition of international air travel by passengers is lifted from India The Government of India, would be expanded as 'FREE' by submitting the online application by foreigners. Such extensions would be granted for a period of up to 30 days from the date of lifting the ban on international passenger air travel from India without charges for the penalty for excessive stay. The exit to said foreign citizens, if they so request, will also be granted on the same lines, the ministry said.

The Immigration Office was advised to transmit the above instructions to all FRRO/FRO/Immigration Check Post.

In a related decision, the Central Government also specified that the lifetime multiple entry visa right to visit India for any purpose granted to persons registered as Overseas Citizens of India will continue to be suspended until the international ban. The Government of India lifts passenger air travel to/from India.

Any foreign citizen who has an OCI card intending to travel to India for compelling reasons during this period can contact the nearest Indian Mission.

In the case of people with an OCI card who are already in India, the OCI card will remain valid for their stay in India for any period of time, the ministry remained in another office memo.