Dhoni, a great idol, a great lesson to watch during the IPL: Buttler

LONDON: Dashing England Wicket-Keeper Batsman Jos Buttler has said that Mahendra Singh Dhoni has always been a great idol and while playing in the Indian Premier League ( IPL ) A lesson for him has been how the highly decorated former captain of India handles all the fanfare and still shows up in crisis situations.

" Ms dhoni He has always been a great idol of mine and chaos always surrounds him, people want a little of him, the cricket and the noise.

... it's a great lesson to just watch it and see firsthand how to handle all of that if you have to perform at the highest level and do it at that crucial moment, which has certainly been one of the massive advantages, Buttler said in an interview with Lancashire Cricket with Warren hegg .

Buttler plays for Rajasthan Royals in the IPL which is currently postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The 29-year old England's limited over vice-captain said the cash-rich T20 league has taught him how to handle pressure.

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It was one of the pressures you have to learn, especially in India, as a foreign player, you are one of four on the team and you know the other four who are not playing are also world class players. So you're under pressure to perform, he said.

So that's been a great learning curve. One of the things I came out with from the first IPL is to just learn to deal with the chaos.

There is so much going on off the field, with adverts and stuff that you never done before, meet and greet and different things for different sponsors and then thinking about the game all the time and finding ways to switch off, added Buttler who started his IPL journey with Mumbai Indians .

Speaking about cricket being played behind closed doors, Buttler said: An interesting idea about when cricket returns, if it comes behind closed doors and there are no fans and stuff, I know it will be really weird for professional cricket players, but from a fun way that will take you back to what it was when you started.

There is no one watching you and you are playing because you love the game. I know it will be different because you have experienced the other side, but that is the purest form of cricket, right?

Buttler added that he expects some form of cricket to return this year.

... one thing that sport does is bring people together, give people hope. So I hope there can be some kind of cricket either behind closed doors or if we play the Blasts, just a little something, It would be great to see the guys on the field again, even if it's for television, and get that enjoyment of sport again, he said.

But sport is not at the top of the tree with the way things are happening. But with fingers crossed, things can change in a positive way as fast as they did in the other direction.