California to Enter Second Stage of Recovery for Covid-19

SAINT: California Governor Gavin News om announced that the most populous state in the US USA It will enter a second recovery stage later this week, which will allow some retail companies to reopen with modifications.

We are entering the next phase this week, at the end of the week. With modifications, we will allow retail to begin operating across the spectrum, Xinhua News Agency quoted om News at a daily news conference on Monday.

This is a very positive sign and it happened for only one reason: the data says it can happen, he added.

Clothing stores, flower shops, bookstores and sporting goods stores and others with curbside pick-up service may reopen as early as Friday, according to the Governor.

Om News noted that the reopening of the country's largest state economy is led by data and science.

Last week, the Governor outlined a four-stage plan for a gradual reopening of the state's economy last week as he wa facing increasing pressure from the public and local officials to ease coronavirus-triggered restrictions against the pandemic.

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Protesters gathered in some cities across California over the weekend, urging News om to lift restrictions and reopen the state as quickly as possible.

The Governor ordered people to continue to stay at home to slow the spread of COVID-19 in the first stage, currently in place, as the state will build out its testing, PPE, and hospital capacity, making essential workplaces as safe as possible.

According to News om's plan, California will gradually reopen some lower risk workplaces with adaptations in the second stage, including retail with curbside pick-up, manufacturing, offices and more public spaces.

The third stage will be a gradual reopening of some higher risk environments with adaptations and limits on the size of the meetings.

And the fourth stage will end the request to stay home.

California has registered 2,278 COVID-19 deaths, with 52,197 confirmed cases.