The key is not to stick where you are hitting: Dinesh Karthik

NEW DELHI: The coronavirus The pandemic has not only forced a suspension of all sporting events around the world, but has also raised questions about the future and whether the ICC should seek other options to help players keep the shine on the ball instead of use saliva or sweat AND Dinesh Karthik he believes there should be a definitive balance between bat and ball.

I believe that there should be a fair contest between bat and ball which is missing nowadays especially in white-ball Grillo. But I don't know if they allow ball tampering, where would they put a stop to it because that will be really hard. They have to manage it. To get the ball to swing, you need sweat and saliva. With a new ball you use saliva and when it grows old you use sweat. But in England they use Murray Mint to the saliva, it helps the ball to swing a lot more. That's why Test Cricket in England is so challenging," he said in the latest episode of ESPNcricinfo One by one #Work from home.

Speaking about changing roles when playing for India and on the IPL, Karthik said: With experience comes adaptability. Over a period of time, what you need to learn is that, as a medium-order hitter, you should be able to hit anywhere between the number 3 and 7 and sometimes even 8. The key is not sticking to where you are hitting, but to the situation you are in and how you can do your best.

T20 has evolved in such a way that it doesn't matter if you are a 1 down hitter or a 2 down hitter. All you need to know when you enter the game is whether it is the 8th or the 11th or the 14th and then react accordingly to the situation and use your skill set to do your best.

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Commenting on India's trip to the 2019 World Cup, Karthik said the team had a very successful career and none had imagined that the trip would end against the Kiwis in the semifinals.

"We believed that we will go all the way. Everything was working well for us. Though, in the last 2-3 years, the only time any team could challenge us is when they got 3-4 wickets upfront and that happened in the WC semi-finals. And that put a break on us. Obviously losing semi-final still hurts. But in the lead up to the tournament we achieved something special, we played very good Cricket ," he said.