Pak's Covid-19 case number exceeds 21,000

ISLAMABAD: The number of coronavirus cases in Pakistan reached 21,501 after 1,315 new infections were registered, while 24 people died from the disease, bringing the death toll in the country to 486, the ministry said on Tuesday. of health.

According to the Ministry of National Health Services, Punjab reported 8,103 cases, Sindh 7,882, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa 3,288 Baluchistan 1,321, Islamabad 464, 372 and Kashmir 71 occupied by Pakistan.

So far 222,404 tests have been performed, including 9,857 in the last 24 hours.

During the period, 1,315 new patients were reported, bringing the count to 21,501 in the country on Tuesday.

The total number of deaths reached 486 after 24 patients died of the disease. Another 5,782 patients have so far recovered.

Prime Minister Imran Khan On Monday he said the national blockade will be gradually lifted, claiming that Pakistan cannot afford an indefinite closure.

He is also expected to chair the cabinet meeting on Tuesday to discuss the situation and the blockade in the country.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court of Pakistan has expressed dismay at the closure of commercial activities by provincial governments to contain the spread of the virus, questioning whether its decision was contrary to the mandate of the Constitution.

The President of the Supreme Court of Justice, Gulzar Ahmed, while listening to a case on the fight against the pandemic in the country, questioned which authority had empowered the provincial governments to invade the domain of income generation of the federation and that also without the prior consent of the president or the federal government. .