Playing with Guardiola was like playing chess: Henry

LONDON: former France striker Thierry Henry has explained what it was like to play for Spanish Pep Guardiola who is one of the most decorated managers in club soccer today.

Henry left Arsenal to go to Barcelona in 2007 after scoring 226 goals and assisting the Gunners with two. Premier league Titles

Arsenal, I never thought I was going to leave, but I did, said Henry Manchester city striker Sergio Aguero during an Instagram chat.

I went to Barcelona, ​​a different kind of game, a different kind of style to relearn how to play the game because at Arsenal Dennis was there, Kanu was there and I could move everywhere in the front, get to the middle , get the ball, go right and left, he added.

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Henry also explained that playing for Barcelona was totally different from how he used to play at Arsenal. Guardiola was appointed manager after Frank Rijkaard He was fired after an indifferent season at the Catalan club.

Henry gave an insight into Guardiola's mind and how he used to set up his team to bring out the best in the opposition. Henry also explained why playing Guardiola was like playing a game of chess.

Suddenly you arrive in Barcelona and I had Rijkaard asking me to stay to the left and then when Pep arrived ... Pep is an incredible coach in the first place, but he is very demanding, very intense and it's almost as if you play chess with him, Henry said.

You need to make fake runs to remove the bottom line, to make room for No. 10 on your side because we were playing with a holding midfielder and two No. 10, so I always had to run behind to make sure Andrés (Iniesta ) I was going to get the ball and if you don't, you kill the space.

I began to understand space, to move in space. It was a different kind of game and then, once I adjusted and adapted that in 2009, we went to the year of winning everything possible. It was an incredible moment, but as you know, Arsenal is in my heart, he added.

Henry ganó dos Titles de liga con el Barcelona junto con un trofeo de la Copa del Rey. También los ayudó a ganar el título de la Liga de Campeones y el trofeo de la Copa Mundial de Clubes.