Closure of the coronavirus: the government of Chhattisgarh will bear the cost of the train journey for migrant workers

RAIPUR: The Chhattisgarh government decided to bear the cost of travel for all migrant workers returning to the state, acting quickly after Acting Head of Congress Sonia Gandhi instructed party units in this regard.

Transportation Commissioner Kamalpreet Singh wrote a letter to the manager of the railroad division of the Central Southeast Railway (SECR) stating that the state government would bear all the travel costs of migrants and others in need if the railroad organizes a train special for your return. The transportation department has asked the railways to report on the next steps.

More than 1.09 lakh of Chhattisgarh migrant workers are stranded in 21 states and the labor department has already launched a process to coordinate with the states involved for their return. The state government had previously requested the railways to provide at least 23 special trains.

The congressional government decision came after Sonia Gandhi announced that the party's state units will bear the travel expenses of all needy workers and migrant workers.

The prime minister tweeted saying that the decision of the president of the Congress, Sonia Gandhi, underlined the ideology of the Congress and the tradition of serving the people.

“We have brought our Kota students back to the state. The Congress party and its government cannot leave anyone at the time of the crisis.