'Boys Locker Room': Delhi police file case, children from 4 schools are part of the group

NEW DELHI: The Delhi police cyber cell has recorded a case taking cognizance of a series of conversations on Instagram between an alleged group of school students who threaten to sexually assault a classmate and talk about uploading their photos on line.

Initially limited to Instagram, the screenshots were widely shared on Twitter on Monday, and #boyslockerroom was a top trend in India throughout the day.

The Delhi Commission for Women has issued a notice to the social media company regarding the private group, Bois (sic) Locker Room. Police have identified one of the suspected group members, a 15-year-old boy, and is speaking to him for further details. Police sources said some university students could also be part of the group.

Sex chat: children from 4 schools in group

Anvyesh Roy, DCP, Cyber ​​Cell, said: “We take note of your motu of viral screenshots and record a case under sections 67, 67A of the Information Technology (IT) Act, IPC 465 (punishment for counterfeiting), 469 (counterfeiting for damaging reputation) and 471 (using as a genuine forged) have been registered.

Another police officer said: “We interviewed the minor and he told us that they were not transforming photos of his classmates but from random public accounts on Instagram. He said he did not know many people in the group since they were from other schools. After the alleged group's screenshots went viral, the group was removed and another one was created like lockerroom 2.0 in which girls were also added. We have also found some conversations on Snapchat.

Investigations have revealed that the group was created a week ago and had 21 members, including the administrator. Children from three and four schools, including one in South Delhi, were its members. Some students claimed they were part of it, but had not posted a message or been involved. A student TOI spoke to revealed that some members later communicated on Snapchat and began talking about sexually assaulting a woman.

I saw some screenshots of a group of Instagram pages called ‘’. They are representative of the criminal, disgusting and rapist mentality, wrote DCW chief Swati Maliwal while demanding that the children be detained so that a strong message can be sent.

The disclosures also highlight the importance of child safety on online platforms. “We absolutely do not allow behaviors that promote sexual violence or exploit anyone, especially women and youth, and we have acted with content that violates our Community Standards when we realized it. We have policies that do not allow the sharing of non-consensual intimate images, as well as threats to share such images, and we take this issue very seriously, a Facebook spokesperson told TOI. Facebook owns Instagram.

Psychologists say that the normalization of misogyny and sexism has exacerbated violence against women. Boys often express their masculinity through dominance and violence as they learn and internalize this through unreliable sources of information, Ruchita, a Mumbai-based psychologist, tweeted. Teen brains are still developing and highly impressionable. I know they have no empathy, but they are also vulnerable to a broader system of violence, he wrote.

DCW has asked Instagram to share the details of the administrator and each member of the group before May 8. Delhi police have been told to share the FIR details.

(The identity of the victim has not been revealed to protect her privacy according to the Supreme Court directives on cases related to sexual assault)