The doctor who treated the first US Covid patient. USA Fear the second wave

WASHINGTON: The doctor who treated the first patient with Covid-19 in the United States He said Monday that he fears a second outbreak of the disease when the closure measures are lifted.

El primer paciente de George Díaz, diagnosticado en enero en el estado de Washington, ya se recuperó después de recibirlo, un experimento que United States aprobó el viernes para uso de emergencia.

While encouraged by this antiviral, Diaz emphasized that isolation to prevent transmission remains the most effective treatment for Covid-19 at this time.

Since that first case in January, the US USA It has surpassed all other countries to have by far the highest number of cases, around 1.2 million, as well as the highest number of deaths, around 69,000.

Despite expectations of an increase in the death toll, some states are already reopening to try to ease the economic strain of shelter-in-place orders that have left more than 30 million Americans jobless in six weeks.

What worries me is that when the economy begins to reopen, we will see a second outbreak that is perhaps as big as the first one, and the first one was very difficult for us and for everyone, Díaz told reporters during a video meeting. organized by the State Department.

And more than anything, I am concerned that we do not have the resources to handle a second outbreak, he added.

Remdesivir, manufactured by, was shown in a major clinical trial to shorten recovery time in some patients.

Diaz said that, pending the development of a vaccine, remdesivir appears to act against the virus, but cautioned that the drug should be used with great caution.

It shouldn't be a crutch for people to say: Now I can do whatever I want because we have a treatment. No, Díaz warned.

They should continue to follow the guidance on social distancing, he said.