Bengal exceeds Covid death rate

KOLKATA: In what could put the government on uncomfortable ground, the core inter-ministerial team, in its letter to the chief secretary, has noted that the state had the highest Covid-19 death rate in the country at 12.8% and reflects low and weak surveillance. “The extremely high mortality rate of 12.8% is a clear indication of low evidence and weakness and follow-up. This is the highest in the country, said by a letter from Apurva Chandra, an additional secretary in the defense ministry, in a letter.

The team left for Delhi on Monday. Before wrapping up their two-week trip, the IMCT also charged the state's Trinamool Congress. government of being “antagonistic” to the panel. Chandra urged Bengal government to ramp up testing capacity and strengthen the surveillance and tracking system. His letter further said the state government should be “transparent and consistent” in reporting figures pertaining to the pandemic.