Congress offers to fund migrant tickets; the government says it is paying most of the bill

NEW DELHI: The government clashed with Congress and other opposition parties over accusations that they were being asked to pay fees to travel to their home cities with the railroads, saying that neither the department nor the Center were collecting the money from the ticket from passengers in the Shramik Specials.

Head of congress Sonia gandhi On Monday morning, he criticized the government for charging fees to migrants and said the main opposition party would pay the amounts of the fines, pointing the workers as builders of the nation. Soon, congressional officials turned to state units and governments where the party is in office to coordinate fundraising efforts.

Feeling the political damage of the accusation that poor immigrants eager to return home were charged fees, the railways and BJP countered Congress and other opposition parties, saying the Center was paying 85% of the cost of transportation while that states sending workers back carrying the rest. BJP members said that only states, where Congress is a partner, refused to pay 15%.

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