On Twitter, the businessman asks permission to open stores in Bihar

NEW DELHI: President and CEO of Limited and Aditya Consumer Marketing Limited wrote to Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Tuesday asking for permission to open retail stores across the state.

The businessman mentioned that the company has paid GST (goods and services tax) to date and that if the stores are reopened, it will save more than 600 jobs. Then he asked the minister that if liquor stores can open in other states, why not electronics stores in Bihar?

Taking it to the microblogging site Twitter, Sinha said: @NitishKumar Sir Aditya Vision had contributed approximately 50 million GST in April-May 2019 ... NIL this year to date. Allow the opening of our 45 retail stores in Bihar. Save more than 600 employees. If liquor stores can be opened in other states, why not buy electronics in Bihar?

At a time when the government decided to relax some restrictions during the third phase of the national closure, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) called for more industrial activities in districts with high economic performance.

The industry body also called for the financial contribution of the districts to be taken into account when classifying closure zones.

Districts with high economic activity should resume all industrial and commercial operations, including in containment areas with the highest security protocols, IIC said in a report, Strategy Note on the Resumption of Economic Activities in the Industrial Area.

It has been recommended that nearby nearby areas can be classified as orange zones where industrial activity can be continued with strict precautionary measures and monitoring.

The distinction between essential and non-essential elements should be removed and all factories should be allowed to restart, according to IIC.

(With PTI inputs)