I paid 655 rupees for the 800 rupee savings ticket for the return trip home

LUCKNOW: Many of the more than 4,200 UP migrant workers and their families who were transported via four special Shramik trains on Monday said they had been charged for the trip. They were sent to their native districts by buses organized by UP State Roadways Transport Corporation.

In Vadodra I survived two days without having a single meal before being quarantined for 30 days. I had 800 rupees, of which I paid 655 rupees to an officer who gave us the travel ticket, said Prateek Kumar, a Kanpur resident, who worked in a shoe showroom. He arrived in Lucknow the night of Monay.

While two trains ending in Lucknow arrived from Nagpur and Vadodra, the other two, which went to Gorakhpur, had started from Bhiwandi and Vasai Road. On Sunday, more than 2,000 workers had come from Nashik and Ahmedabad to Lucknow and Kanpur.

Pradeep Kumar, a resident of Banda and a daily gamble in Surat, said all of his savings were spent on food during the shutdown. When there was nothing to eat, together with some friends we walked to Varodara, where we were quarantined for 30 days. My friend paid 620 rupees for the train ticket. Now I plan to work in my town and not go. again.

'Just 200, I planned to walk up '

Vishal Kumar, a native of Maharajganj, recalled his 350 km journey on foot from Nanded, where he worked, to Nagpur. I had only Rs 200 in my pocket and I was planning to walk to UP, but on arrival in Nagpur on April 3, the police caught us and took us to the quarantine center where we spent 30 days before a special train took us to Lucknow. he said.

The Nagpur train arrived at around 8:30 am with 970 workers. They were arranged in two tails and thermally scanned to measure body temperature.

Later, the workers received food packages and, after registering the whereabouts, they were guided to 44 buses that took them to their places of origin. A similar drill was followed with approximately 1,200 workers who arrived at night from Vadodara and were sent home on 60 buses.

The workers belonged to more than a dozen districts of Uttar Pradesh, including Kanpur, Maharajganj, Basti, Bahriach, Kannauj, Bundelkhand, and Prayagraj.

District magistrate Abhishek Prakash said a team of health department employees, police personnel and LMC workers worked 24 hours to help the workers.

Train 01901 from Bhiwandi with 1,145 passengers arrived at the Gorakhpur Trail Station at 1:20 a.m. on Monday, while Train 00975 from Vasai Road Railway Station with 982 passengers arrived at 5:30 a.m. All passengers underwent thermal scanning and document verification before boarding the buses, SDM Sadar, Gaurav Singh Sogarwal said.

100 buses from the UP State Regional Transport Corporation were parked at the Gorakhpur railway station to transport passengers coming from Maharashtra, of which only 83 were used, said RM Roadways DV Singh.

NDRF inspector Gopi Gupta said that only 54 people could enter a train bogie. TTE and RPF personnel were also present on the train.

Gyanmani Maurya, from the village of Jaitpur, told TOI: “I worked as a tailor in Mumbai, but due to the blockade, my business stopped. My family in town was also worried and wanted to get home. I was very happy when I was informed that a train was going to Gorakhpur. After paying Rs 800 and providing my documents like Aadhaar card and address verification, I boarded the train. I thank CM Yogi for bringing us back to our home.

Another passenger, Ajit Kumar, from Sehjanwa tehsil, from Gorakhpur, said: “I worked as an electric loom technician at Khaunagaon in Bhiwandi and after the closure I lost my job. Things were getting expensive.

“In Agra they gave us cookies and tea. I am grateful to the government for helping us, ”he added.

Similarly, Ravindra Kumar, from the village of Surgahna, who worked at Mandi in Mumbai as a power loom technician, also appreciated the government's initiative.

Ruby Jaiswal from the Kaudiram area, who was working as a worker in Mumbai, said: “I was counting days there and as soon as I received information about the train, I took my three-year-old son and got on the train after completing all the paperwork. . I have tea biscuits in Agra and Khichadi at another railway station. I am happy to come to my hometown.