Covid-19: 3 Ds have created a popular movement, PM Modi tells NAM

NEW DELHI: Calling for a cooperative and inclusive global response against Covid-19 at a virtual summit NAM, PM Narendra Modi He said Monday that India, as a developing country and a free society, had demonstrated during the crisis how democracy, discipline and decision together can create a genuine popular movement.

In his speech, Modi said that, despite India's own needs, it had secured medical supplies to more than 123 partner countries, 59 of them NAM member states. While he said he wanted to focus only on the positives, he addressed the issue of terrorism and called it another deadly virus that `` some people '' were trying to spread. He also spoke about fake news and manipulated videos used to divide communities and countries, alluding to recent developments in the Gulf.

This was Modi's first appearance at a summit-level NAM meeting. In what has been seen as a decisive change in foreign policy, he skipped the regular NAM summits in 2016 and 2019.

`` The civilization of India sees the entire world as a family. As we care for our own citizens, we are also extending aid to other countries. To counter COVID-19, we have promoted coordination in our immediate neighborhood. And we are organizing online training to share the Indian medical experience with many others. India is considered a world pharmacy, especially for affordable drugs, Modi said.

Modi said that Covid-19 had exposed the limitations of the existing international system. `` In the post-COVID world, we need a new template for globalization, based on equity, equality and humanity, '' he said. The government said in a statement that Modi's participation underscored India's long-standing commitment to the principles and values ​​of NAM as one of its main founding members. Leaders at the meeting also announced the creation of a working group to identify the needs and requirements of member states by establishing a common database that reflects their basic medical, social and humanitarian needs in the fight against the virus.

The Prime Minister also urged NAM to call on the international community and WHO to focus on building health capacity in developing countries. `` We must guarantee equitable, affordable and timely access to health products and technologies for all, '' he said.

Modi said India was actively participating in global efforts to develop remedies and vaccines. `` India has the oldest traditional plant-based medicine system in the world. We have freely shared simple Ayurvedic home remedies, to help people increase their natural immunity, he said.

Modi joined more than 30 other Heads of State and Government and other leaders, including member states of Asia Africa Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe at the meeting.

According to India's statement, NAM leaders assessed the impact of Covid-19, identified needs and requirements for possible remedies, and urged action-oriented follow-up action. After the summit, the leaders adopted a declaration that underlines the importance of international solidarity in the fight against Covid-19.

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