HIV + Guj youth beat Covid, write rare success story

AHMEDABAD: In what is termed one of the country's rare Covid-19 recovery stories, a 27-year-old HIV positive patient from the Kumarkhan village of Taluka in Ahmedabad has won the battle against the highly contagious virus.

What is even more surprising is that the patient had a 2.3% hemoglobin with low iron binding capacity and was severely anemic. He was admitted to the Asarwa Civil Hospital in Ahmedabad on April 15 and was released on Monday.

“The patient was a challenge for our medical team at the civil hospital. They gave her three blood transfusions during the 20-day hospital stay. It was common to take her antiretroviral therapy and medication even before she became infected with Covid-19. But in the end it was the determination of the medical team and the patient's immunity and will to survive that won the battle, said Arun, district development officer (DDO), Ahmedabad.

Sources at the civilian hospital claim that the patient's blood reports were not encouraging and that there were grim possibilities of his survival. However, the patient continued to struggle.

Leading infectious disease specialist Dr said HIV patients could beat Covid-19. In the current medical setting, an HIV-positive person taking HIV medications is no longer considered immunocompromised. He said that HIV-positive people, if given the right treatment and support, could overcome any disease like normal human beings.

The hospital is preparing a detailed patient file, as it is one of the rare cases in the country and may shed light on future research. Ahmedabad's DDO office posted a short video of their return to the village. The patient's family, panchayat members, and village elders held a brief welcoming ceremony for him.