Shopping centers open in 3 phases, multiplex to arrive last: body of shopping centers

Bangalore: Malls, as they are allowed to go live, should open in three phases with the first phase, which includes supermarket, children's clothing, electronics and beauty salon, the Association of Malls of India has proposed (SCAI). In the second phase, it proposes the opening of food courts. Multiplexes should be the last, he says.

The shutdown, which started sometime in mid-March, has now been extended through May 17, resulting in the loss of hundreds of crores and the threat of jobs. It is proposed that salons and spas operate at 50% capacity and serve customers by appointment only, while in restaurants, seats are halved, with adequate separation between tables.

SCAI said that wearing masks would be mandatory. It has also proposed disinfecting and cleaning all common areas, including restrooms, elevators, and entrance areas, every 30-60 minutes. Retailers and mall owners have said that the post-Covid shopping experience will be unlike anything shoppers have ever experienced as entry to stores will be restricted.

SCAI, which has Nexus Malls, Prestige, Infiniti, DLF and Lulu among its members, has also proposed using only 50% of the parking areas and not allowing events and promotions to take place in common areas to avoid large gatherings. Elevators, he said, should not have more than three people at a time, and on escalators, there should be a three-step gap between two customers.