B'desh moves dozens of Rohingya to the island

DHAKA: Dozens of Rohingyas stranded at sea for weeks have been relocated in a flood-prone controversy in Bengal, Bangladesh officials said Sunday. Last year, Bangladesh built facilities for 1,00,000 people on Bhashan Char, a cyclone-prone muddy islet in the coastal belt, saying they needed to relieve pressure from border camps that house nearly a million Rohingya.

The 28 Rohingya were brought to the island on Saturday instead of the fields, as authorities feared they might be infected with coronavirus, the foreign minister. They will most likely stay there until they return to Myanmar .โ€

They are the first group of Rohingya to be sent to the island, said the administrator of the local government, adding that they were being attended by personnel.

Authorities said the group, which included 15 women and five children, were detained after disembarking on Saturday from one of two ships sucking at sea while trying to get there. Malaysia . Another 250 refugees have not been found, he added. Bangladesh had refused to let the two trawlers carrying some 500 people land on its territory. AFP