Rajasthan minister orders roads to be dug at border to block entry

JAIPUR: Rajasthan's health minister on Monday ordered officials to hire to unearth roads there, to block the entry of people and vehicles from UP.

“No person should enter from UP other than for medical reasons. Use earthworks to dig up pits to prohibit movement of vehicles from the UP side, ”said Subhash Garg, state minister of medicine and health, according to an official statement from the state government.

Garg, who hails from Bharatpur, said the vehicles must travel without valid permits and that many people from UP villages enter Bharatpur along metal-free roads on motorcycles, which the police cannot verify. He charged that some of those people were active in smuggling.

I ordered the administration to dig roads so that no one from that side enters Rajasthan, the minister said. He blamed the outbreak in the Covid-19 cases in Bharatpur on the illegal entry of people from Agra.

The minister was inspecting the checkpoints that border the curfew areas of the Bharatpur district and ordered police and administrative officials to seal the border with the neighboring Agra district, which is a hot spot. Bharatpur is one of the red zones in Rajasthan and has reported 114 cases of Covid-19 so far.