India's recovery-to-death ratio for Covid-19 improves to 90:10

NEW DELHI: The outcome ratio, which is the ratio of recoveries to deaths, for Covid-19 has improved to 90:10 now from 80:20 on April 17, indicating better clinical management of patients affected with virulent , while 1,074 patients were cured In the last 24 hours, the highest number in a single day, the Ministry of Health said Monday.

Official data as of 5pm Monday showed a total of 42,836 confirmed Covid-19s and of these, 29,685 were still active. While 11,761 cases have been cured and discharged, the death toll has risen to 1,389. Currently, the total recovery rate is 27.52%, compared to 13.06% on April 17.

Every death is a concern. Therefore, it is important that we develop a deeper understanding of Covid-19 treatment and focus on how we can improve this relationship of results, said the joint secretary of the ministry of health, adding that the country would have to adapt to a new normal.

The doubling time of cases has been reduced to 12 days, an improvement of 8.2 days a fortnight ago and 3.4 days before closing. However, the government reiterated that there was no room for complacency and that state governments and individuals should follow social distancing and other norms, even when the blockade is being phased out in some parts of the country.

In previous pandemics, it has been observed that while the rules are relaxed when social mobility is allowed, if the restrictions are not followed correctly, the transmission rate may suddenly increase, Agarwal said. He emphasized that states must ensure rigorous containment measures so that the burden of the case remains low. They must also ensure effective clinical case management while focusing on infection prevention and control, he added.

Noting that India was moving towards a new normal, the government said that everyone should act responsibly in easing the blockade. It is important that as the blockage is alleviated, we must follow the protocol and guidelines related to physical distancing, follow preventive measures such as hand hygiene and environmental hygiene, and treat with Covid-19 being careful, aware and alert. Agarwal said.