‘CAA Salary Jihad’: Al-Qaida Wing for Indian Muslim Scholars

NEW DELHI: terrorist outfit Al Qaeda The Middle East wing has released a statement urging Indian Muslim scholars to unite and wage jihad against India to protest the Citizenship Amendment Act, signaling a new effort to radicalize Indian minorities and play on sectarian lines. .

AQAP (Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula) is mostly active in Saudi Arabia and Yemen and it's a rare occasion when it has turned its focus towards India, a move which the India n intelligence agencies are still trying to interpret. Some see it in the context of some Islamic groups in India and abroad campaigning that Muslims are being targeted for the Covid- 19 outbreak after the incident and feel AQAP could have taken up the cause that it sees in religious terms though the message is about CAA.

The dignity of the Muslim is in jihad, so fight. You either live with dignity or you die for it. We are asking Indian Muslim scholars to start fighting for their Ummah, which awaits their support, the AQAP message said, accusing India and the law of being anti-Muslim.

TOI has agreed to the three-page statement issued in Arabic stating that the law was only to take away citizenship from Muslims. The whole world is watching and doing nothing about it. When Muslims defend themselves, the law and the Indian government brutally attack them using their criminal police and their crowds.

The United States is supporting India. Donald trump He visited India and received a great welcome, as India intended to obtain a green signal from him to attack Muslims, the statement said. We, Qaeda in Arabic, condemn the Indian government and announce our support for the Muslim brothers. It is an international war against Muslims. So don't expect Kafir's help. They will not help or support you. Ask your Muslim scholars and fight back. Protect your religion and families along with the mujahideen, he says.

the United States forces had killed its leader Qassim al-Rimi in a counter terrorist operation in February this year. the outfit is now headed by Rimi's deputy, Khalid bin Umar Batarfi.