Government prepares post-closure regulations for the use of public transport

NEW DELHI: As part of its preparation for the post-closing period, the Center released guidelines on Monday for using public transportation while adhering to social distancing rules to control the spread. Among other measures, he also recommended staggered office hours to avoid overcrowding on public transportation.

The guidelines will also be quite helpful in traffic management. A new normal will develop in the post-Covid-19 phase of society, setting new standards for living better and more scientifically. It will eventually become good health standards, the health minister said in publishing the guidelines on Monday.

The guidelines, prepared by the Scientific Council and (CSIR) and the Central Highway Research Institute (CRRI), do what should and should not be done to use and manage public transportation with travelers who maintain distance standards Social.

They include painted markings for social distancing at bus stops and on trails; longer stopping time to board/drop passengers; separate doors to board and get off while traveling by bus and subway; limit on the number of passengers inside the bus/subway bus; and separate bus lane. For escalators, especially at subway stations, the guidelines suggest a gap of at least five steps between two users.

Addressing top CSIR scientists, Vardhan, who is also minister of science and technology, spoke about the role of the public sector research body in working with the private sector for clinical trials of the antiviral drug Favipiravir, a potential drug for the Covid-19 treatment, and its release. In India .

Referring to another antiviral drug Remdesivir, which has recently been approved by the US FDA. USA For emergency use in Covid-19 cases, the minister addressed the issue of its affordability in view of his patent and said: It is a somewhat complex issue that we cannot realize at this time.

He pointed out that since a private drug manufacturing company has a patent, it should be analyzed how it would work and whether it is necessary to invoke a certain clause to address the patent problem.

CSIR Director General Shekhar C Mande and the directors of its different laboratories discussed the contribution of the main public sector R&dagencytoofferquicksolutions(devicesandppe)tocombatthepandemic.