Big alcohol bill means trouble for seller and buyer

A Rs 52,800 liquor bill that went viral put the seller in trouble, reports Anil Gejji. The buyer may also have problems soon. The excise department has filed a case against the seller, as regulations require that retail liquor stores cannot sell more than 2.6 foreign Indian-made liquors (IMFL) or 18 liters of beer to a customer per day. In this case, the retailer sold 13.5 liters of liquor and 35 liters of beer to a customer.

Special tax officials learned of the violation after the bill went viral on social media. The buyer, who presumably posted the invoice on social media, remains unidentified. The excise department may also file a case against the buyer because the rules prohibit a person from transporting more than 2.6 liters of any category of liquor.

When officials questioned the store owner, he said the liquor was purchased by a group of eight people but that the payment was made with a single card. We are investigating your (owner's) claim, sadi A Giri, in DC, Bengaluru South.

A bill of Rs 59,952 is also circulating on social media.