Government will present a national policy on scientific social responsibility

NEW DELHI: The Center will soon publish a national policy on Science Social Responsibility (SSR), making it an ethical obligation for scientists and scientific institutions to voluntarily contribute their knowledge and resources to the widest spectrum of stakeholders in society.

The SSR, which is being prepared by the science and technology department (), will have a spirit of service and conscious reciprocity. Therefore, it will not be a legal requirement like the ones that industries have in terms of their (CSR).

The minister of health and science and technology said his ministry would soon move a cabinet note on SSR to encourage people to reap the benefits of science.

According to the policy, project beneficiaries must reach science and society stakeholders in general with knowledge, manpower and infrastructure in the academy and R&dlaboratories.theirobjectivewillbetoencourageinstitutionsandscientiststoactivelyparticipateinscienceoutreachactivitiestoconnectsciencewithsociety.


thepolicywillgiveinstitutionsandscientiststheopportunitytoworkchoosingoneormoreactivities,suchastheexchangeofscientificinfrastructure; college/university faculty mentoring/training; high-level research and scientific skills training; student practices and promotion of a research culture, among others, as part of their RSS.

Based on national policy, all central government ministries and state governments will plan and develop their RSS strategies through a well-defined institutional mechanism.