Jairam Ramesh moves SC for the implementation of the Food Safety Law

NEW DELHI: Principal Leader of Congress Jairam Ramesh On Monday, the Supreme Court moved to the Center and the state government to ensure universal Food Security coverage for all during the Covid-19 pandemic, and said reports suggest that large sections of the poor and vulnerable do not obtain food during the closing. The former union minister in his public interest litigation (PIL) argued that there has been a severe food shortage as a result of the entire country and that it is necessary to implement the 2013 Law (NFSA) and other measures.

In the matter to be heard Tuesday, the politician sought court instructions for the ration card requirement for the supply of rations in the Public Distribution System (PDA) to be relaxed until Covid-19 to help mitigate food. shortage and prevent deaths.

This petition, Ramesh said, is moving in light of the numerous deaths caused by hunger, many of them being salaried workers and people from marginalized communities.

The top congressional leader said that since the blockade began, there have been a number of homes, particularly those in underserved settings, that are not covered by the NFSA and urgently need rations.

In the facts and circumstances as indicated above, it is respectfully requested that this Court be pleased to issue a court order in nature, or any other order, order or direction to the Defendants to ensure that it is rigorously implemented by all States, the request said.

The congressional leader also sought direction for competent authorities to remove the mandatory grain release requirement against ration card production during the lockout period.

Ramesh also sought court instructions to clarify that households would be exempt from Aadhar-based biometric authentication to obtain food grains under the Public Distribution system.

Aso demanded that the court issue instructions to the defendants to stop the police action against the vendors, citizens who sell the purchase of essential foods.

He said in his petition that the world is faltering under an unprecedented pandemic stemming from the Covid-19 tension and to combat the spread of this pandemic, the Union and state governments have imposed a blockade.

Therefore, an alternative remedy, in these dire circumstances, would take a long time, at the end of which the acute food shortage and large-scale famine-related deaths will stop, he noted.

He argued that the NFSA was enacted with the vision of guaranteeing access to an adequate quantity of quality food at affordable prices for people, so that they can live a decent life.

By not guaranteeing access to food, the State is violating the fundamental right of food guaranteed to citizens, therefore, it needs to resort to the present petition. Therefore, this request said.