Open to any investigation into allegations of data breach: Xiaomi India MD

NEW DELHI: Xiaomi, China's largest smartphone, said on Monday that the company is ready for any independent third-party investigation into allegations of breaches of data security and user privacy after allegations of who quietly took the customer information and stored it on Chinese servers.

Manu Jain, managing director of, contested reports that the company had been accused of violating the privacy of its phone users by recording their private phone and web usage habits.

We are always open to any external third party research. Any trusted agency can come and audit us. We have no problems, Jain said, adding that we have nothing to hide.

Speaking about the crash and the impact of the coronavirus on sales, Jain said he expects the smartphone market to pick up in the third and fourth quarters of this year. We expect the market to recover, and we are confident that sales will be strong as we move forward with the reopening of online and offline retail and our manufacturing locations as well.

The company's manufacturing partner, Foxconn, is in the final stage of resuming production and seeking approval from state governments where it has factories.

Jain said Xiaomi will continue to have a series of launches in India in the coming months, as the accumulated demand for smartphones makes the company trust the Indian market.

When asked if there was anti-China sentiment on the market, as many people could blame the Indian neighbor for the coronavirus, he said such things have been talked about on social media. Honestly speaking, yes, I've seen it on social media. Anything negative spreads quickly on social media. But will this affect our business? I do not think so.

He said that with large investments in India and with a local management and factory, the company is like any other multinational that operates here. We are a truly local company in India.