The daily average of Aadhaar-enabled transactions doubles; Rs 16,101 crore disbursed during the blockade: FinMin

NEW DELHI: The average through the Aadhaar-enabled payment system (AePS) has doubled to Rs 113 crore due to various direct benefit transfer schemes announced by the government during the coronavirus-induced blockade.

During the shutdown period, up to Rs 43 million was made, leading to the disbursement of Rs 16,101 million, the finance ministry said in a tweet on Monday.

The average daily AePS transactions doubled to 113 Lakh: Total of 43 Cr. Transactions of Rs. 16,101 Cr. Made during the blockade. DFS congratulates the entire banking system and commends BC/CSPs for making it possible by providing services through biometric devices even in remote areas, he said.

AePS is a bank-run model that enables interoperable online financial transactions at points of sale or micro ATM through the commercial correspondents (BC) or Bank Mitras of any bank that uses Aadhaar authentication.

With the help of this system, home cash delivery can be done through BC.

To contain the spread of the coronavirus, the government first imposed a 21-day national blockade from March 25 and then extended it until May 3. Now, it has further extended the blockade for two more weeks until May 17 with extensive relaxations, including the opening of low-risk green and orange industries.

The national closure closed businesses, stopped air and rail travel, and restricted the movement of people and goods.