ISSF wants to run menos at least one competition ’in 2021 to distribute ranking-based odds

PUNE: The COVID-19 spread may have forced the International Shooting Sports Federation ( ISSF ) to end its international events prematurely, however, the international body is looking to hold at least one international competition before next year's Olympics.

The ISSF is yet to freeze the international rankings and distribute the ranking-based Olympic quotas. The ISSF secretary general Alex Ratner He told TOI that the world body is considering holding at least one international competition before deciding on quotas based on ranking.

We are evaluating two scenarios. One: if circumstances favor us, we will hold at least one competition in 2021 before the Tokyo Games. Secondly, in unfavorable circumstances, we cannot hold any competition before Tokyo Games absolutely. The deadline for consultations is the end of next week.

He said the ideal solution would be to run a competition. The basic approach is that we have to make up for a missed opportunity. It means a World Cup for a rifle-pistol and another for a shotgun. But we have to wait for the final decision. By missed opportunity, Ratner referred to the three World Cups, which were canceled this year.

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When asked how ranking points are calculated to distribute odds, Ratner said: Ideally, the ranking saved as of March 31, 2020, along with the ranking points from a competition in 2021 to complete the rating process. But we have to wait for the final decision.

The ISSF, for the first time, had announced ranking-based quotas for Olympics. Total 12 quotas (six men, six women) will be distributed to eligible shooters based on the world rankings.