US Soccer Stars 'Shocked' To Appeal Over Equal Pay Defeat

THE ANGELS: Megan Rapinoe and Alex Morgan dijo que el equipo nacional de mujeres de EE. UU. apelará contra la derrota en su demanda de igualdad salarial el lunes, and describió el fallo del juez en el caso como impactante.

In a widely unexpected decision on Friday, the judge Gary Klausner rejected American women's claim of wage discrimination, finding in favor of United States Soccer Federation .

Although the judge said claims of gender discrimination in areas such as travel, housing and medical support could proceed to trial, the equal pay part of the lawsuit -- the central plank of the women's case -- had been dismissed.

Speaking on ABC television's Good Morning America program on Monday, Rapinoe and Morgan voiced dismay at the outcome but pledged to fight on.

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"We were just shocked," Morgan said. "This decision was out of left field for us. I think for both sides it was very unexpected. We will definitely be appealing and moving forward.

"If anyone knows anything about the heart of this team, we are fighters and we will continue to fight together for this."

By dismissing the claim for equal pay, Judge Klausner She said the case was unwarranted because there was evidence that the women had previously rejected an offer in the Collective Bargaining Agreement negotiations that would be paid according to the United States men's team.

However, Rapinoe questioned that part of the judge's decision.

"The men's contract was never offered to us and certainly not the same amount of money," Rapinoe said.

I think many women can understand what this feeling of entering a negotiation is, knowing that pay equality is not on the table, knowing that anyone close to their male counterparts is not even on the table.

Rapinoe also said that the fact that women had earned more than American men during the period in which wage discrimination was alleged was also misleading.

In the period in question, the women's team played 111 games and earned $24.5 million. The men played 87 games and made $18.5 million. The men's figure however would likely have been substantially higher had they qualified for the 2018 World Cup.

If we were under the men's contract, we would be doing three times as much, Rapinoe said.

"So you can look at the total compensation. In that time that we've made just a little bit more, we've won two World Cups and we've won just about every single game that we've played in.

So the payment rate is very different. It's very frustrating.

The American women, who achieved consecutive World Cup victories with victory in last year's finals in France, had been seeking a late payment of $ 66 million under the United States Equal Payment Act.