India, as 'world pharmacy', has shipped medicines to more than 120 nations: PM Modi at the NAM summit

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi He attended the virtual summit of the Non-Aligned Movement on Monday and said that India's fight against the Covid-19 crisis has shown how democracy, discipline and decision can come together to create a genuine popular movement.

Addressing the summit, Prime Minister Modi said: Today, humanity faces its most serious crisis in many decades. At this time, NAM can help promote global solidarity. NAM has often been the moral voice of the world. To maintain this role, NAM must remain inclusive.

Speaking about India's active role in fighting the crisis, Prime Minister Modi said: Indian civilization sees the entire world as one family. As we care for our own citizens, we are also extending aid to other countries.

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The prime minister said that India, which is considered the world's pharmacy, has shipped drugs to more than 120 countries. We are active in global efforts to develop remedies and vaccines, he said.

To counter, we have promoted coordination in our immediate neighborhood and are organizing online training to share India's medical experience with many others, he added.

In a clear reference to Pakistan, the Prime Minister said that there are some in the world who are still busy spreading the virus of terrorism.

Even when the world is fighting Covid, some people are busy spreading other deadly viruses like terrorism, fake news and fake videos to divide communities and countries, he said.

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