DRDO develops a UV disinfection tower to disinfect areas prone to coronavirus

NEW DELHI: and has developed an ultraviolet (UV) tower for rapid disinfection and free of chemicals that are highly prone to infection, the Ministry of Defence he said Monday. For a room approximately 12x12 feet in dimension, the disinfection time is approximately 10 minutes, the ministry said, adding that an area of ​​400 square feet can be disinfected in 30 minutes if the device is placed at different locations within the room. .

The disinfection tower can be used remotely via a laptop or mobile phone via a WIFI link, the ministry said. It has six lamps each with 43 watts of UVC power at a wavelength of 254 nanometers for 360-degree illumination.

Called UV Blaster, the device is designed and developed by Laser Science&technologycenter,themaindelhi-baseddrdolaboratory,withthehelpofnewageinstrumentsandmaterialsprivateltd,basedingurugram,theministrysaid..