Gambhir and Lee vs. T20 split in four innings

MUMBAI: Innovation has been a constant in the gentleman's game. Since starting with Cricket Test, you have now reached Cricket T20 on the international stage. And recently there was talk of dividing a T20 match into four innings, but the idea has not impressed any of India's former starters. Gautam Gambhir or former sprinter from Australia Brett Lee .

Speaking at a show Cricket Connected, both former cricketers rejected the idea. While Lee said he wanted to keep certain traditional things, Gambhir said that Sachin Tendulkar The idea of ​​splitting the 50-plus-year game made a lot more sense according to him, as it also removed the launch factor.

Commenting on the suggestion, Lee said, "I am all for Cricket T20 whether it's the Indian Premier League or the Big Bash to have some flair about it, some excitement to bring people to the game. But there are some things you want to keep traditional when it comes to cricket and I think having 4 innings is a bit too much. I still think it's always nice to see a target, and try and chase that target down or defend it."

Gambhir echoed the sentiments and said, "I'm not a big believer that we should split Cricket T20 into two innings. I think, Sachin Tendulkar somewhere gave a suggestion that we could try doing it with 50 overs which makes a lot of sense, because you've got 25 overs (each).

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"It also probably takes the toss away as well – because in some conditions the toss plays a huge role and I was absolutely favour of that as well. But not in Cricket T20 , it's too short a format and there's hardly any time. Splitting that into 10 overs each will be too short an inning."