Couple marries on the UP-Uttarakhand border

BIJNOR: Arvind Kumar, 28, wanted to marry Chhaya Rani, 25. But there was a problem. He lived in a red light district in Uttar Pradesh, while his future wife was a resident of a green zone, contiguous to Uttarakhand. The new Covid-19 regime has marked new borders in parallel to state borders, the color-coded ones. People in a red zone cannot enter a green zone.

The families came up with a solution: solemnize the wedding on the border. And on Saturday night, Arvind drove Chhaya home in his car.

However, it did not start as well.

On Saturday morning, Arvind, a resident of the Reij area of ​​Bijnor, received a travel pass from the district administration and happily dove into the backseat of a flower-covered car. He was in the Jaspur area, in the Udham Singh Nagar district of Uttarakhand, about 150 km away, where he was waiting for the bride's side.

But, at the Bijnor border, his car was stopped by police. Arvind and his two family members were told that they could not go any further as the district was sealed. And also that Udham Singh Nagar was a green zone area, which people in the red zone cannot enter.

After trying to persuade the policemen, who did not move, Arvind called above the bride’s family, explaining them the situation. After a long discussion, a fresh plan was chalked out. The bride, who was already decked above , sat in a car with her parents and arrived at Dharampura police picket on Uttarakhand border. Arvind also reached there with a priest and the wedding was solemnised.

“We had lost all hope when the police did not allow us to enter Uttarakhand. But, after much persuasion, they allowed the marriage to be solemnized somewhere in the border area. So we arrived at the nearby Dharampura checkpoint. The girlfriend and her family also got there. The police also helped us in all of this, ”said Arvind.

When Dharampura was contacted, the post control officer GD Bhatt said: We could not let them pass. Arvind lives near the village of Maniyawala, where two people tested positive for Covid-19 last month. Both families later obtained permission to reach the border area. They came to our post and we helped them. They tied the knot here.

Police personnel also participated in their wedding and gave them blessings. All of them maintained social distance during the ritual. Bijnor district enters the red zone as 31 people have tested positive for coronavirus here. There are at least 185 villages located on the border of the two states, and inter-state weddings are common.