Lockdown has taught us several ways to love and relate to family: Suresh Raina

NEW DELHI: Indian cricket player Suresh Raina He said Monday that it was disturbing to see how there has been an exponential increase in the number of cases of child abuse and domestic violence during the current coronavirus crisis worldwide.

Raina therefore urged people to raise their voices and report such cases without fear.

With people staying at home amid coronavirus emergency shutdown In India, reports of domestic violence and child abuse have also come out much more recently.

Lockdown has taught us several ways to love and relate to our family, Raina said in Twitter .

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Formerly Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan He and his wife Ayesha had also posted a video on social media to send an important message about domestic violence.

Dhawan urged people to end this social evil by choosing the right partner for them.

"While I enjoy my time at home with my loving family, I am truly sad and disheartened and sad to hear about domestic violence still existing in today's time and we need to put an end to it. Choose a kind and loving partnership and say no to violence," read his Twitter post which he made in April.