USA Football Launches Application to Help Teach and Train Youth

WASHINGTON: Football usa is launching an app that can help coaches and parents at all youth levels of the sport. Also at a key moment, with so many young people across the country unable to get together for any game or practice, now or who knows how long?

The free app, called Coach Planner by Football usa , was built by the governing body of the sport as part of the Football Development Model that aligns with the US Olympic ¶lympiccommittee'samericandevelopmentmodel.

The FDM is designed to aid the progression of the entire athlete based on the child's age and stage of development.

The coaches, who are often the parents of the players, teach athletes based on their age, skill level, and the version of sport they prefer, from flag football to 11-player tackle and types of intermediate games.

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theapplicationtookalittleoverayeartodevelop; Football Canada already had one for its youth organizations and provided some guidance to its neighbors in the states.

Football usa has nearly 900 youth clubs and leagues already enrolled in the development model, and the app can provide the coaching services currently not available because of the shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It includes six categories for player development: athletic bases; He passed; running and receiving; kick and kick; preparation for contact; throw and tackle the flag.

We have to take the reality of the situation, and the app is a great example of touch points, Krueger explained.

How can we be a resource with children at home? We have taken up that challenge.

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Critical points of contact such as ensuring that playbooks and drills are easily usable, and that coaches connect with their teams and players' parents are critical to the success of the FDM. to connect. Through the application, they can share all the content necessary to teach the sport.

"We want to make sure this really addresses the things parents could do with their kids at home while in shelter," added Jamie Riley, Football usa 's chief of staff.

When this comes, they can take it and run with it at home.

As a mother, I can vouch for the importance of making sure parents understand and participate in what their children are learning in the field and the Coach Planner app helps them get there. We know that nothing is as effective as in person and face to face. face to face (learning), but the app is a great bridge for that.