Lockdown 3.0: With NADA panels not meeting due to shutdown, sanctioned athletes are eagerly waiting to hear their cases

NEW DELHI: the continuum across the country emergency shutdown It has affected India's anti-doping program in a big way. With the national camps closed and no sporting events, there has been no sample collection campaign conducted by the National Anti-Doping Agency 's ( NOTHING ) dope control officers (DCOs) recently, not even for the out-of-competition testing (based on an athlete's whereabouts detail). While there are clean athletes who have quietly been carrying on with their routine, there are some for whom the emergency shutdown has brought a period of uncertainty and anxiety.

These are those athletes - in fact, a sizeable number - who had provisionally been suspended by the NOTHING before the emergency shutdown for their alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs, but are now anxiously waiting for their cases to be heard by the anti-doping watchdog's Disciplinary and Appeal panels separately.

In some cases, the athletes did not even have the opportunity to register the case and argue their innocence before the disciplinary panel, while in others, their cases were not on the list to be heard since the closure was closed throughout the country, leaving most of them. in the lurch. Indian NBA star, Satnam Singh Bhamara , had challenged his provisional suspension for a specified substance and his case was scheduled to come up for hearing in March end. Now, Satnam doesn't even know when his appeal would be listed for hearing as the emergency shutdown has once again been extended till May 17.

Then there are cases like Asiad's and the CWG bronze medalist, Ravi Kumar , who challenged his two-year ban by the disciplinary panel and filed an affidavit with the appeal panel for early hearing. His hearing was scheduled for sometime in April but with the emergency shutdown in place, he also doesn't know about his future.

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Since many athletes were caught for "specified substance" as per the World Anti-Doping Agency 's ( WADA) list for banned substances, they believed to have a strong case of them being let-off with just a reprimand or warning. But, with no signs of the emergency shutdown relaxation, an uncertainty has clouded their sporting future.

According to the NOTHING law, "athletes found guilty of violating the anti-doping rules are given the opportunity to present themselves before the disciplinary panel and explain their cases during the hearing". Similarly, aggrieved athletes challenging their ban period by the disciplinary panel "can file an appeal within a stipulated period with the appeal panel against the order."

Sadly, for these athletes, the two Nada panels haven't met to discuss and dispose pending cases since the first phase of the emergency shutdown commenced on March 25. In the absence of any hearing, the cases have been piling up and this is what has made these athletes worried about their hearings.

The disciplinary panel held nine sittings during the month of March - the last one being on March 20 - and issued seven orders. Similarly, the appeal panel held one sitting on March 3 and issued a solitary order in the case of boxer Sumit Sangwan, who was let-off with a reprimand. Since then, there has been no hearing because of the emergency shutdown .

When the disciplinary panel last met, she had reserved orders in certain doping cases, standing out as the Indian Open gold medalist boxer Neeraj Phogat , and promising junior badminton player, Ravi Krishna. But due to the emergency shutdown , verdicts into the case haven't been pronounced as they require the signature of the panel chairman and that wasn't obtained because of the emergency shutdown .

The disciplinary panel consists of 15 members from various areas of society, while the appeal panel consists of six members.

Some of the athletes pending decisions in your case include: Ravi Kumar (shooting), Satnam Singh Bhamara (basketball), Neeraj Phogat (boxing), Jai Prakash (wushu), Gulam Navi (weightlifting), Pramjeet Singh (athletics), Akash Padmakar (athletics), Jitesh, Naresh (judo), Ankush Saini (athletics), Jayakumar Gavade (athletics) and Siromani Kagga (weightlifting).