The SC of India decides 14 times more cases than the SC of the USA. USA During closing

NEW DELHI: The best courts of all major countries in the grip of the Covid-19 pandemic adopted the virtual hearing mode to decide cases during which, but India (SCI) has become the most active case for solve 347 cases and issue 57 sentences, which is 14 times more than the number of cases decided by the United States Supreme Court.

LIC removal statistics are between March 25 and May 1, where the available data on case removal for Supreme Courts in other major countries is between mid-February and late April. During the period it resolved 28 cases, the SC of the United Kingdom and the superior court of Australia decided 18 cases each, the SC of South Africa resolved 47 cases while the Canadian counterpart decided only eight cases (between February 2 and 2 of April).

In providing the statistics, SCI sources said: Information available at the Court and other judicial websites would indicate that nations affected by the Covid-19 pandemic such as the United States, United Kingdom, EU, France, Italy, Germany, China , Canada, Australia, Singapore etc., carry out the administration of Justice based mainly on Virtual Court methodologies and online case management.

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The UK SC building has been closed to the public since March 23; SC of EE. USA It postponed all hearings scheduled for March and from April to May, when 10 cases are listed; the High Court of Australia has been closed to the public since March 24; Singapore SC has postponed the hearing of all cases between April 7 and June 1 for a later date and deals only with urgent matters; The Canadian SC building is closed to the public from March 16, and all hearings scheduled for March, April, and May are rescheduled after June 9; South Africa SC has prohibited the hearing in public hearing during the closing period.

During the closing period in India from March 25 to May 1, the SC held 22 days of hearing and established 116 banks, 43 of them to hear main issues and 73 banks to decide requests for review. The SC eliminated 49 special license requests, 92 court order requests including PIL, and 138 review requests. It also decided 58 requests seeking provisional relief.

Given the mandate of the Constitution under Article 145 (4), which says The Supreme Court will not pass sentence except in the Open Court ..., TOI spoke with a cross section of judges, who opined that virtual It cannot be said that the judicial system denies the principles of equity that are sacrosanct for the administration of justice, nor does it meet the requirements of an open court system.

They said that even during normal times, the open court did not translate into opening SC to the general public, as access was restricted and regulated. Most judges were of the opinion that when the 'open court' hearing cannot be claimed as a right, resorting to the open court physical hearing would be considered a complete violation of the global distancing standards that are adopted globally, by communities and nations. Such standards are being adopted even at the cost of sacrificing cultural, religious and ethnic traditions, practices and customs.