Bangalore: create airport, garbage warship

BENGALURU: So what if we can't fly during closing? This 41-year-old man has recreated an airport complete with a control tower in his living room. A warship, cruiser, and army helicopter, all made of material, to decorate your home.

What started as a hobby during the blockade has now inspired Ajesh Soman to build great recycling art. Ajesh, who runs a home decor consulting business, worked in Delhi, Mumbai, and Dubai before settling in Bangalore eight years ago. Ajesh had always fueled his passion for turning waste into something beautiful. I had a chance to try again after 10 years, he said.

He used tissue paper rolls, water bottles, car purifier cap, mosquito bat for the control tower, thermocol, and other waste materials that he has been collecting for a long time. The goal was to use 90% of the material available in the home, he added.

A student of, he thoroughly studied the difference between Airbus A300, Airbus A320, Boeing 787 and Boeing 767 and spent almost 20-21 days planning his project. The following week was spent for the execution of its base model. My wife and two children had no idea what I was trying to do in the beginning, but at one stage, they understood what I had planned and were excited to see the final product, Ajesh said.

I also wanted to create something that had patriotic vibes. “I wanted something with a strong connection to the Indian feel. It was then that I decided to build an army helicopter, he said. Their show-stopper is a cruise with a small pool and a handrail fork.