Alex Ferguson taught Manchester United players to be like a robot: Patrice Evra

MANCHESTER: ex Manchester united player Patrice Evra recordó su carrera como player diciendo que el entonces gerente Alex Ferguson had taught the players to be like a robot. Ferguson had managed Manchester united for more than two decades, guiding the club to 38 trophies.

Evra also said that winning and doing good had become normal.

It was like a child. I remember that I was at Mikael Silvestre's house and we were watching a game. I think it was Chelsea, and when they lost, we were champions. I started to jump and Mikael looked at me thinking: 'What is he doing?'

Because he had already won four leagues and I was screaming and he told me to calm down. I think the first one is amazing, Evra said, according to the club's official website.

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I will be honest, when you start to win the third, the fourth and the fifth, you celebrate but not in the same way. You celebrate for the cameras and stuff, but it's not the same.

"Ferguson taught us all to be like a robot. I don't think I was a human being playing for Manchester united . When we won games, when I was doing something good, I wasn't pleased. For me, it was something normal," he added.

Evra won five league and Champions League titles in 2008 during his eight years at Old Trafford.