I and Digvijaya Singh misjudged the rebel MLAs, Kamal Nath says of the crisis that toppled the parliamentary government

BHOPAL: former Prime Minister Kamal Nath On Sunday he said he had misjudged the separatist MLAs and made a mistake by continuing to trust them even after they left for Bangalore, but he is confident that Congress will return to power after the 24-seat assembly elections.

My judgment was wrong about MLAs. Both of us and I thought that the MLAs would not resign. He did not believe that MLAs in Congress, or an MLA of any party, would succumb to the appeal. They used to speak to us from Bangalore, where they were staying. They would also speak to Digvijaya Singh. He had faith in them, too, like me, Nath told the mediators in his first speech to the media here for the first time since his resignation on March 20.

Nath denied recent reports of the differences between him and his party colleague Digvijaya Singh. Two days ago, a national television channel had claimed that it said Digvijaya's judgment of the rebel MLA was incorrect, which overthrew the government. I deny what has been reported, he said.

Nath said Congress will return to power after the polls reach 24 seats, 22 openings for the separatist faction of Scindia and two of the legislators who died. I have full faith that the government (of Congress) will return. I have 40 years of experience in electoral politics, ”he said. Today, voters are very aware. They remain silent but understand. It has been shown in Maharashtra, Haryana and Jharkhand that people will not be wrong, ”he said at the press conference via video conference.

People can understand why the 22 MLAs left Congress. For voters, this has been a betrayal of their mandate and they know the greed for which lawmakers left the party. These former MLAs will get an adequate response in their constituencies, ”Nath warned, adding that polls have been postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis.

After the polls, it will be clear what the people of Madhya Pradesh want. How will this government (BJP) survive when we win 20-22 seats? He asked, noting that these seats have BJP veterans who carried the party flag for 20-40 years, but that election tickets will be awarded to rebels who left Congress.

Nath said that Prime Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has a difficult time ahead of him. Abhi toh trailer hua hai, poori picture ka intezar kijiye, said the head of the PCC.

“Let them do their council of ministers first. This is the only cabinet in history where only the Prime Minister and no Minister was there for almost a month. And when they appointed ministers, there were only five in number. What are they going to do now? Who will you minister to? Shivraj Singh Chouhan has a lot to put up with now, Nath said, adding that it is regrettable that the government is unable to form a cabinet despite the financial crisis and the Covid pandemic.