A train of emotions rolls UP

LUCKNOW/KANPUR: When Jitendra Yadav left the Shramik special train at Charbagh train station along with about 850 migrant workers and their children working in Nashik, she leaned over with teary eyes to kiss the ground. But officers immediately arrested him and reminded him to follow Covid's precautions.

Completing the journey of about 1,200 km, the train arrived at the Charbagh train station on Sunday morning. Eight medical teams thermally scanned each passenger before allowing them to board 31 buses organized by UPSRTC for their places of origin. District and police officials were also present and filmed the entire exercise.

“I walked 170 km from Mumbai to Nashik along with several other workers. We were headed UP when the police caught us near the Nashik border on Friday. We were hungry for two days. The police gave us food. Later, they informed us about the train. The officers helped us board it, ”said Jitendra Yadav, a taxi driver in Mumbai.

Similar emotional scenes were witnessed on a special train from Ahmedabad with around 1,200 migrant workers arriving on Sunday. All migrants were natives of Kanpur and nearby districts. including Unnao, Kanpur Dehat, Fatehpur, Kannauj, Jalaun, and Jhansi. After undergoing a thermal evaluation, the migrants boarded 40 special buses that transported them to their native districts.

Manish Kumar, a Kannauj native, said: “When I saw a team of doctors and another team with food packages at the railway station, I couldn't control my emotions. I want to thank CM because thanks to him we would meet our families once again ”.

Raj Shekhar, MD of UPSRTC, said that all buses were properly disinfected and that drivers were trained to follow the necessary precautions to avoid Covid-19.