E-comm deliveries can start slowly as approximately 40% of sellers are in red zones

Bangalore: Even when states like Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Odisha, Gujarat, and Karnataka start implementing central government extension guidelines until May 17, operations may not change dramatically due to challenges in large cities that are marked as red areas. While I eat and Flipkart They have welcomed the government's move to allow non-essential items to be delivered to the orange and green zones on Monday, industry sources said at least 40% of vendors and warehouses are located in it. This will present challenges on the ground for e-commerce companies.

On Sunday evening, Flipkart told sellers in a note that it will start making all products live gradually based on zones they are in. It also said the situation on the ground is dynamic and orders can be canceled or returned if areas in orange or green zones move to red. A seller who deals with both Amazon and Flipkart, said he did not expect a significant change in operations in the next two weeks. Industry sources added that relatively more products would be available online next week, compared to the start of the lockdown, but a significant resumption of e-commerce operations might only happen closer to May 17 or after.