Mary Kom: appreciating time with my children locked up

During the emergency shutdown , life has been stopped by boxing champion MC Mary Kom , as it has for most of us. The six-time world champion and Olympic medallist is with her family at her central Delhi house, where she is handling the dual responsibilities of continuing training and working out, while handling the kitchen and household duties. “It’s been a difficult time. We’ve all had to make changes. I found that abstaining from my frequent shopping sprees, which I was hardly able to control, has been tough. But in all seriousness, apart from the news of the virus, hearing about doctors who went to collect samples and the police being attacked by the public was quite disturbing,” she tells us.Mary adds that she’s been cooking a lot while under emergency shutdown , and her children love her pasta creations. “I’ve been making rotis and puris for the family. During my time in the kitchen, something else I tried my hand at is preparing various kinds and styles of pasta. My children love it. I wouldn’t say there is anything new when it comes to my activities at home – I do every household chore, be it mopping, cooking, washing, or cleaning. Of course, I have continued with my usual workout at home, and I’m getting to spend more time with my children. All this is challenging, but I am cherishing it,” she says, adding that everyone must take care of themselves during this time. “The one suggestion I’d give everyone is to stay healthy by staying active at home during the emergency shutdown ,” she signs off.

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