ABOVE: 50-year-old woman walks 30 km for 500 rupees, returns home after learning she doesn't have Jan Dhan's account

AGRA: A 50-year-old man suffering from a bent spine walked 30 km from Agra neighbor, to withdraw 500 rupees after she learned that the government was transferring the sum to the bank accounts of the poor and disadvantaged. However, he had to walk home another 30 km empty-handed after learning that his bank account was a zero-balance savings account instead of the one under the Jan Dhan scheme where the amount is transferred. A video of the incident went viral after it appeared online.

Identified as Radha Devi, wife of Harveer, the woman originally hailed from village of Firozabad district, but had migrated to Shambu Nagar area in the neighborhood Agra for daily wage job some 20 years ago.

When contacted, Radha told TOI: “An announcement was made in our poor neighborhood that the poor will receive Rs 500 each in their bank account under him. Therefore, I decided to visit the SBI branch in Pachokhara. Due to the blockage, I walked with my 15 year old son to my hometown where I have a zero balance account. When I got there, they told me that the money was being transferred to Jan Dhan's accounts, which I don't have. ”

Heartbroken, Radha had to walk another 30 km to her home in Agra, covering a total distance of 60 km in one day. She took a total of 15 hours to cover the distance while stopping at several places during the journey.

SBI Pachokhara branch manager Laxman Singh said: “I have seen the viral video. But Radha did not know me. She visited the customer service point (kiosk) of our branch, where she was attended by our miter bank Shyam Pathak.

Shyam Pathak told TOI, “The woman almost broke down after finding that her bank account is not eligible for Rs 500, being transferred into Jan dhan accounts. However, on humanitarian grounds, I gave her some money, after which she again walked back to her home in Agra. ”

If I knew about Jan Dhan's account, I could have saved the evidence. I have been ill for the past two months and had to stop working as a worker. My husband and my five children now earn for the family, ”said Radha.

Although the woman claimed that no police officer stopped her during her long walk to Firozabad and back, Tundla Circle Officer Ajay Singh Chauhan said: “Our district border is completely sealed. No one can enter Firozabad. I don't know of any such case.