Trump says America will rise again from Corona 'plague'

WASHINGTON: Comparing the pandemic to a plague, the President of the United States Donald trump Sunday promised that the United States would rise from this death and destruction, even as the debate over life and livelihoods continued to fuel national discourse as the number of Covid-19 infections in the United States. USA crossed 68,000.

Trump has backed protests seeking to end the shutdown and reopen the country for business in the face of a new report that warned that there would be 3 times more deaths from Covid-19 infections if states were reopened prematurely. But the report also said that ending the blockade would also save millions of jobs.

Penn Wharton's new Budget Model study balances the jobs saved by reopening the economy with the cost associated with human life, warning that an additional 233,000 people could die from the virus in late June if states reopened immediately . Even if they don't open, the projected toll is 117,000.

Failing to reopen will also further decimate the US economy, the report warned, forecasting that under that restrictive scenario and according to the most conservative estimates, nearly 1 in 3 Americans who were employed in February would have lost their jobs in late June. 33 percent unemployment would break the record during the Great Depression, when nearly 25 percent of American workers were out of work.

Trump now appears determined not to allow that to happen, even at the risk of increased death toll, having passed the burden of mitigation measures on to states, and taking the politically expedient position of supporting protesters, including armed protesters, seeking an end to the conflict. emergency shutdown.

And then came a plague, a great and powerful plague, and the world would never be the same again! But the United States rose from this death and destruction, always remembering its many lost souls and lost souls around the world, and became greater than ever! the president of the United States tweeted on Sunday morning, having left the White House for the first time in over a month for a brief outing to Camp David in Maryland , north of the capital.

Trump's Twitter feed was packed with the usual variety of comforting tweets and retweets, including his own approval ratings, and protests against the media accusing them of being Chinese puppets. Although he himself repeatedly certified China's action and transparency on the coronavirus issue and spoke of his friendship with President Xi, Trump accused NBC News and CNN of doing everything possible to say BIG things about China.

They are Chinese puppets who want to do business there. They use the United States airwaves to help China. The enemy of the people! Trump said.

Hopefully our country will be repaired soon. We are all missing our wonderful manifestations and many other things! Trump said in another tweet that he would be heading to campaign rallies soon, despite many experts warning that a close contact public meeting invites the risk of Covid-19 outbreaks.

But Trump's right-wing base is fighting to break the blockade, arguing that the pandemic's death projections are greatly exaggerated and a conspiracy to economically destroy the United States.

"We now know that it was Dr. and Dr. Deborah Birx who persuaded President Trump to kill the economy and force Americans into a lockdown… And we also know they did this based on wildly inaccurate models and predictions," one prominent right wing blog raged against the two key White House advisors on the pandemic, throwing 15 questions at them, including "why they keep moving the goalposts from 'flattening the curve' to '' to 'we must have a vaccine'?"

Other questions they raised included: Why do you recommend closing schools and playgrounds when children are at near zero risk of death from the Chinese coronavirus? Why do you recommend closing outdoor activities like surfing, golfing, and hiking when there is almost no chance of passing the coronavirus doing these activities? And what does it tell the 30 million Americans who have lost their jobs because of their faulty models and predictions?