Haryana Reflects to Impose New Liquor: Dy CM Chautala

CHANDIGARH: The government is considering imposing a Covid cess variable on liquor to support areas or institutions negatively affected by the pandemic, the deputy chief minister said on Sunday. Haryana has been suffering monthly income losses of Rs 6,000 crore due to the blockage caused by the coronoavirus.

The government is considering a new access to Covid in order to help those areas or institutions that have been negatively affected by the pandemic and need support, Chautala said at a press conference on Sunday.

When asked about the number of dismissals the government plans to impose, he said: There are discussions. Each product is different, a fixed lock is not possible, so it will depend on the product and the quantity. The lock will be variable.

The deputy chief minister indicated that the cess could be between Rs 2-20.

Chautala, who also owns the portfolios of the excise, industry and trade departments, said a decision has yet to be made on when to open liquor sales.

However, he said suggestions have been sought, including from the media, for appropriate action to be taken.

It will have to make sure that there is no overcrowding and that adequate social distance is maintained in the vending machines when they are opened, he said.

The state government also sought a report from deputy commissioners on whether sales should be opened or not, as Covid-19's situation varies from district to district, he said.

When asked, Chautala said that the stock of warehouses involved in liquor distribution was verified on three different occasions in the past more than a month and irregularities were found in 53 of these and FIRs were registered and fines were imposed.

Relaxing the industry in accordance with the guidelines of the Center, he said from April 20 onwards that they have been easing the restrictions, excluding those units that are in containment zones, so that economic activity can resume.

From May 4 to 10 and May 11 to 18, we will give more relaxation to the industry, but with more rigor than even what the MHA guidelines say so that our industry revives on the one hand, while on the other we can verify infections also in the other, he said.

In the IT sector, a workforce with 33% will be allowed in the red zone, 53 pc in orange and 100 pc in the green zone, while in the second phase (May 11-18) it will be 50 pc, 75 pc and 100 pc, respectively.

In the rural area, for the red zone, the industry will be given permission to open with 33 percent of the workforce and 50 percent for on-site where units can retain the workforce at workplaces. Likewise, the industry will be given permission to open with 75 percent and 100 percent in orange and green areas, respectively.

For e-commerce, during the period May 11-18, only essential goods will be allowed in the red zone, Chautala said.

Stores in rural areas have been opened, he said, while adding in urban areas, in non-containment areas, especially in orange and green areas, deputy commissioners have been empowered to decide whether to open stores by an odd system (in the base of the store numbers).

With the MSMEs sector negatively affected, Chautala said the Haryana government will extend financial support of nearly Rs 250 million to them.

On the current crop acquisition, he said 41.23 lakh metric tons (LMT) of wheat and 3.62 LMT of mustard have been purchased.

From June 1 to 30, sunflower will also be purchased at the rate of Rs 5,650 per metric ton, he said.

He said that despite the challenges of labor shortages and other difficulties in light of the shutdown, the acquisitions went smoothly.

I am hopeful that we will reach the goal of 75 lakh MT wheat acquisition in the next 10 days, he said.

On congressional criticism of the state government for raising the VAT rate on diesel and gasoline and increasing bus fares, he said that although people do not complain because they fully know the current crisis situation, the Opposition is doing policy on the subject.

Beating up on the main spokesman for Congress, who has been critical of the government on various issues, Chautala said: Why didn't he raise his voice when the congressional government reviewed diesel and gasoline rats three times in recent times, why does not fold? like Jazia Tax there? SOL VSD CK