Scottish FA Vice President fears total disaster of canceling next season

GLASGOW: Scottish Football Association vice president Mike Mulraney He said Sunday that he fears the governing body may face the full disaster scenario of canceling the next domestic season due to the coronavirus .

the Scottish Professional Football League He has abandoned the rest of the current Championship seasons, League One and League Two after a long and controversial process.

There is still no decision on how to end the rest of the 2019-20 Scottish Premier League campaign, but it would not be surprising if it is canceled after the French and Dutch leagues were abandoned due to the pandemic.

Ahora Mulraney, quien también es presidente de Alloa de segundo nivel, dice que la SFA está planeando situaciones potenciales que incluyen el acceso restringido de the fanáticos y una campaña a puerta cerrada, si la temporada 2020-21 puede comenzar.

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& advirtió que sería insensato no enfrentar la posibilidad de que the clubes escoceses cierren durante la crisis de salud.

We've run some pretty stark realities that we think are real, meaningful, and if not probable, possible, Mulraney told BBC Radio Scotland The Sportsound program.

We have three main visions that we have to deal with as a club. One is a very restricted fan base, which we think is a possibility.

" the second is how we would run a season without fans, and then it's the total disaster scenario which we have to look at as a club, which is what if we can't play football for another season?

" the last one is the one you have to look at because right now we can't play football."

Con la perspectiva de jugar sin fanáticos, Mulraney dijo: Sería increíblemente difícil, no tiene sentido fingir lo contrario. Hemos corrido the números en Alloa y creemos que probablemente podríamos hacer una temporada sin fanáticos.

El fútbol son the fanáticos, pero si requiere que hagamos algo como esto para asegurarnos de tener un producto de fútbol al final, tenemos que ver cómo damos contenido a the socios de medios.

After the SFA medical director, Dr. John MacLean He admitted that the game is likely to remain suspended until September or October, Mulraney added: We have to give ourselves the best chance, but I wouldn't say I expect Alloa Athletic to play soccer in August or September.

"We need to create an environment where we give answers to the public, players, fans, staff and, critically, our government, to allow them to have confidence to restart football in Scotland ."